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Daniel Carroll
*Founder *Motivational Speaker

Lynn Grinnell
*Vice President


PO Box 1572
Woodbridge, Virginia 22195



To donate to "Limbs For Fitness," you will need to contact Limbs For Fitness with the information needed in the below documents. (If multiple files, decide which file is appropriate for what you are doing-Questions, please ask)

Generic Fundraising Paper.docx Generic Fundraising Paper.docx
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You Sponsor:

Would you or your company like to be an "official" LFF Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor and have your company logo and background information on the LFF site? Its pretty easy! Just send an e-mail to LFF  and you can start the process ASAP, with just a few papers to fill out!

We Sponsor:

Yes, we do not just take, we love giving back to the community when we can! We are looking for a Virginian Soccer Team that want publicity and trophies for the end of the season! You will have the opportunity to have Daniel Carroll himself deliver and hand out the trophies!  You, your coach or your manager should contact LFF with an e-mail containing the following information:

  • Club and League
  • Age group and Gender
  • Number of players
  • Location
  • What you are looking for LFF to do at the handing out of trophies
  • Division
  • Ranking
Wish you all luck and submit your information soon!

 Book An Event or Apperence

Book a Motivational Speaker for your event! (Breakdown Below-Please Include)

Speech (Main Potion)
  • Contact LFF for prices. (Prices vary-Do Not be discouraged. It does not hurt to ask, it may only cost your time)
  • Be sure to mention if you are a non-profit, government or a company!!
  • Be sure to fully explain what must be covered in the speech.
Signings (Optional)
  • Autograph picture signings
  • Book signings (Coming Soon)
Presentation (Optional)
  • Additional charge may apply.
  • This will tie into what will be covered with the speech.
  • Additional footage will be entered of other people.


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