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The online store's items are non-profitable, meaning the money you spend on an item does not go into the profit for an individual. The profit from the item will go into a specific fund as the items will say where the money will be going to. Shipping may apply.

Poem Book

All Poems written by: 

Daniel Carroll

Coming Soon!

Price TBD

Proceeds go to LFF

 Small, transparent window decal!

Now Avalible!

Price $10.00  

Proceeds go to LFF 

The original, LFF 1st edition T-shirt!

Sizes: Small-Medium-Large

On Sale!

Sale Price $10.00

Proceeds go to LFF 

Embroidered Polo! 

Sizes: Small-Medium-Large-

X Large-XX Large

Polo Color: White (Included)
Navy (+$5.00) 
Black (+$5.00)

Now Avalible!

Price $40.00  

Proceeds go to LFF 


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