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Everyone out there has something they want or need and will work hard and do anything possible to achieve such desire. Daniel's want and need is to make the world a better place. He wants to encourage everyone out there to have a mentally and physically fit lifestyle; mainly to those who get left out or forgotten. These individuals are seen as the "disabled." Most people see a "disabled" person as not being able to do what the average person can. It doesn't matter what condition you may have; we are all people and can do anything and everything that we put our minds to. So please help Daniel E. Carroll II attempt to change how the world sees itself and looks at the "disabled." 

Some of you are probably asking yourselves why the word disabled is in parentheses  Well this is because most people when they see a disabled person, they think disabled. As Daniel sees it, no one is disabled, they might be "disabled" but not disabled. He puts it this way because disabled is when you can't or WON'T do anything, "disabled" is when you put your mind to something and do it or when you know you can, even though you may fail at it at first and may take a couple of tries to complete whatever such you may try to do.

Physical Portion

The thing that makes our mental and physical; health and fitness organization unique is that this site specializes mainly on those in whom have a limb loss, limb difference or any other mental or physical "disability."

Fitness for everyone is crucial. It is a crucial part of life because once you see yourself, as Daniel once did, getting lazy and becoming that couch potato; you start getting that mind set of YOU CAN'T. It isn't that you can't, it's that YOU WON'T. 

Daniel Carroll has been an upper extremity amputee for over 7 years. His secret to cope with things and stay afloat and positive in life is exercising. Exercising the body and mind that is. By staying fit you will enjoy tremendous amount of fulfillment and a huge boost in your confidence apart from the health benefits. 

With hopes to open a gym in the Washington D.C. area, Daniel hopes to continue and expand his career and the organization to help more individuals in the mass.

Motivational Portion:


There is not just fitness that Limbs For Fitness goes by. Another critical part of thing in life is motivation. 

As Daniel Carroll explains his story in the "Motivational Story's" page, there is much more. Daniel plans to help his community and country by sharing all in which he has went through. 

Daniel covers not only his journey through life, but he would be focusing on spiritual and emotional growth as well. Please see the "Contact Us" and the "Motivational Story's" page for more information. Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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